In every smile, live out God’s ‘very good’

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“God saw all that he had made, and it was very good. And there was evening, and there was morning—the sixth day.” Genesis 1:31

Friend, have you ever felt that sense of accomplishment after completing a difficult project at work? The kind where you’re exhausted, yet when you see the result, you can’t help but smile and think, “This is beautiful, all the effort was worth it.” One evening, as I watched the sunset, I was reminded of a similar experience.

There was once a father who worked tirelessly for his family. He woke up early and returned home late, but he never minded the fatigue. On his day off, he looked around his home, saw the smiles of his children, the peaceful face of his wife, and thought to himself, “All my hard work is worth it for them. This is all beautiful.”

It’s fascinating, friend, that this is how God felt when He created the world. In the book of Genesis, it’s mentioned that after God created everything, He looked at all He had made and said, “This is very good.” Imagine that, God Himself, satisfied and pleased with His creation. Not just good, but “very good.”

But, friend, this isn’t just about the perfection of creation. Being “very good” isn’t just about the absence of flaws, but the presence of meaning and purpose. Like the father who worked wholeheartedly for his family, God had a purpose and plan for everything He created. Everything, from the smallest flower to the vastest ocean, plays a role in God’s masterpiece.

Friend, have you ever noticed, amidst trials and fatigue, those moments when you pause and wonder, “What’s the value of all this?” In those moments, I hope you remember the story of Genesis. That each of us, along with the whole world, is part of God’s “very good” creation. We are not just here; we have purpose and significance.

May this inspire us to see our world and our lives not just as a series of events, but as part of a greater plan of God. Whenever you see a beautiful landscape, feel the warmth of the sun, or smile at a child’s laughter, remember, friend, that you are part of this “very good.”

As we conclude, let me ask you: How can you reflect this “very good” in your everyday life? In simple things, how can you show that you are part of God’s masterpiece?

Reflection Question:

In your daily life, how do you reflect the “very good” that God created?

Guided Application:

For one week, try the following:

Each day, take time to pause and appreciate the simple things around you, like observing nature, having a meaningful conversation with a friend, or being thankful for small blessings.
Write in your journal moments when you felt connected to God’s “very good.”

Weekly Challenge:

During the week, offer at least one compliment or positive comment to every person you interact with, whether they are family, friends, colleagues, or even a stranger.

Your Questions, Answered

1.What does “very good” mean in Genesis 1:31?
“Very good” refers to the completeness and excellence of God’s creation, encompassing not only beauty or perfection but also the significance and purpose of each part of His creation.
2.How can I live out the principle of “very good”?
It can be lived out by valuing nature, having positive interactions with others, and embracing oneself as part of God’s larger plan.
3.Why is the concept of “very good” important to our faith?
It is important because it reminds us that every creation has a purpose and value in God’s eyes, giving deeper meaning to our lives.
4.How does the concept of “very good” relate to daily decision-making?
This concept can guide our decisions by considering how our actions contribute to displaying the beauty and purpose of God’s creation.
5.How can I help others understand the concept of “very good”?
This can be explained through examples and personal experiences, as well as guiding them to appreciate and recognize the value of each part of creation.

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